Media Company and Agency Solutions

Your advertising customers have high expectations. As a media company or advertising agency you need access to the best digital media providers and the tools to demonstrate performance.  Tru Measure helps advertising and marketing agencies grow and retain revenue. Our platform unifies, aggregates, and visualizes advertising and marketing data that is expensive and time consuming.

Advertising ROI

Tru Measure’s advanced tracking technology and two-way integrations with top digital media providers are made available in one easy-to-use dashboard. Not only do we provide data in a meaningful report, but we can also order, fulfill and optimize your campaigns.

Market-Tested, Cost-Effective

Well-designed reports and dashboards give sales and operations the leverage they need to significantly increase campaign performance and renewal rates.

Measure post-click activity such as calls, emails, page views, unique visitors, leads and conversions using our proprietary technology.

Data and analytics reporting options provide you with the tools you need to clearly demonstrate ROI on advertising spend.


Performance Reporting


Our clients see their bottom line directly affected by new revenue and a higher percentage of renewed revenue.

Sales teams are able to use aggregated performance reports to renew and grow advertisers’ online marketing budgets.



Reporting Dashboards

Save time and money with automated consolidation and visualization of disparate data.


Increase retention of advertising clients with a consistent, clear ROI story.

Call Analytics

Show which ads make the phone ring and prove the ROI of ad budgets.

Online advertising, analytics, and ROI