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Agency platform to demonstrate ROI on advertising

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Why is this so difficult?

Data from ad platforms are messy.  If you have ever done an export from a couple of ad platforms to create a simple chart, you probably spent an hour or so getting the data just right. On average, data scientists spend 70-80% of their time cleaning and preparing data for analysis.  Each new advertising technology brings a slightly different way of organizing and delivering data.  Some are organized by company or business, other’s by account or ad group.  Even impressions and views are counted differently and mean different things depending on the platform.

Tell the story

The hours you spent mapping buyer personas, developing creative, and building out the campaign, will be wasted when the client does not understand the results. You need to demonstrate the ROI of their ad dollars without vanity metrics or shiny technology that distracts them, momentarily, from growing their business.

We’ve got you covered

Search Advertising

Display the most important metrics from Google and Bing search ads and how they drive results – new leads.

Social Advertising

Facebook advertising is big for local businesses. Our reports help you show what is working and why.

Search Engine Optimization

Organic search is key to any business.  If you offer search engine optimization, showcase the ranking keywords and terms and improvements over time.

Ad Networks

Aggregated ad inventory with ad networks like Google Display or Simpli.fi has great behavior and geography potential.  Use our reports to show how online display fits with the rest of the campaign to generate ROI.

Email Marketing

Email is the original online social network.  Including an email promotion is a great way to tie together a campaign with targeted messaging. 

Print & Broadcast Advertising

Audience advertising works, but used to be difficult to tie to online conversion.  With Tru Measure, you can show increased web traffic, leads, and phone calls based on your client’s ad campaigns.

Show the Metrics that Matter

Customize reporting screens to view the data and KPIs that matter most with the terminology your team and customers understand.

  • Over 40 of the most popular integrations included: AdWords, Facebook, DFP, Simpli.fi, Matchcraft, Wide Orbit, Vendasta, Boostability, Marchex, Site Impact and many more.
  • On-Demand or scheduled email reporting.
  • Fully white-labeled with your branding.
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